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Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD United Kingdom

Welcome to the Olson Lab

We are a group of biomedical researchers based in the Wolfson-Wellcome Biomedical Laboratories at the Natural History Museum in London where we work alongside other talented groups whose research is directed at improving our understanding of the natural world. We collaborate with many labs based at other institutions and are always happy to hear from people with shared interests.

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All header images © PD Olson, 2016, except detail from "Vincent's Worms" by 2015 Nobel laureate in Medicine Wm. C. Campbell, 2003 (oil on canvas; owned by PDO). Image of tapeworm in jar © Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, 2006.

Koziol et al. 2016.
Comparative analysis of Wnt expression identifies a highly conserved developmental transition in flatworms. BMC Biology PUBLICATIONS

Peniche et al. 2016.
Protecting free-living dormice: molecular identification of cestode parasites in captive dormice (Muscardinus avellanarius) destined for reintroduction. EcoHealth PUBLICATIONS

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ISOMORPHOLOGY: An introduction to the art and science of Gemma Anderson

Pete & Francesca will present at the British Society of Parasitology, Imperial College, London

READ Alessandro Minelli’s commentary “The tapeworm’s elusive antero-posterior polarity” regarding our work published in BMC Biology.

BBC, NPR television and radio interviews regarding New England Journal of Medicine publication: “How did man die of cancer from a tapeworm?


Next Generation Systematics 2016. PD Olson, J Hughes and JA Cotton (ed.). In print May 2016 by Cambridge University Press

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Now Accepting Submissions: "Planarians to Parasitism: Evolution, Development and Stem Cells in Flatworms" Special EvoDevo + Parasites & Vectors Thematic Volume READ