Olson Lab

Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD United Kingdom


Olson et al. 2020. Complete representation of a tapeworm genome reveals chromosomes capped by centromeres, necessitating a dual role in segregation and protection. BMC Biology

James and Olson. 2020. the tapeworm interactive: inferring confidence scored protein-protein interactions from the proteome of Hymenolepis microstoma

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2015 Major press coverage of Muehlenbachs et al. 2015. Malignant transformation of Hymenolepis nana in a human host. New England Journal of Medicine 374:1293-4

BBC World News Today television interview with presenter
Tim Wilcox 5.11.2015

BBC World Service Newshour radio interview with presenter
Razia Iqbal 5.11.2015

National Public Radio “All Things Considered” radio expose with interviews of A Muehlenbachs, PD Olson and R Zaki

2014 "
How to make a tapeworm" in the April Vol 19 issue of Evolve magazine (NHM). An exposé of research in the Olson lab written for a public audience.


2013 Press coverage of the
publication of the first tapeworm genomes: Tsai et al. 2013. The genomes of four tapeworm species reveal adaptations to parasitism. Nature 496, 57-63

2010 NHM
Species of the Day: Hymenolepis microstoma

2010 Susan Perkin’s
Parasite of the Day (American Museum of Natural History): Hymenolepis microstoma

2009 ‘Tapeworms’ in “Science at the Museum”, Natural History Museum members publication aimed at a teenage audience

2008 “A Tapeworm Mystery: Which Way Is Up?” by Carl Zimmer, A review of work presented by PDO in the President’s Symposium at the
American Society of Parasitologists 83rd Annual Meeting, Texas 2008. Discovery Magazine online. Read Carl’s Blog

2007 “Netting A Fishy Worm: A Systematist’s Honour”: an example of the humorous side of biological nomenclature, through a dubious personal patronym! The Systematist, Newsletter of the Systematics Association, No. 29.

1997 “
The Worst Worm”, ‘100 Top Science Stories of 1996’ Discovery Magazine; n.b. popular coverage of Santamaria-Fries et al.