Olson Lab

Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD United Kingdom


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Francesca Jarero
PhD candidate, University College London & Natural History Museum
MSc, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

In 2012 Francesca was awarded a joint UCL/NHM PhD position to work on a project entitled "De novo evolution of segmentation in tapeworms" with myself and co-supervisor Max Telford (Univ Coll London). Francesca’s dissertation concerns elucidating the Wnt, Hedgehog and Notch signalling pathways in Hymenolepis.


Koziol U, F Jarero, PD Olson and K Brehm. 2016.
Comparative analysis of Wnt expression identifies a highly conserved developmental transition in flatworms. BMC Biology 14:1-17 PDF | PubMed

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Edward O’Garro-Priddie
2016 MRes in Developmental Biology, Imperial College Hammersmith Hospital, London

Edward is working on elucidating Hymenolepis microstoma homologs of planarian axial patterning genes
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Chloe Webster
2016 MSc Natural History Museum/Imperial College/London Zoo

Chloe is working combining fluorescent ISH of Hox genes with immunohistochemistry
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Dr Xinwen Bo
Laboratory of Veterinary Parasitology
Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Reclamation Science
Xinjiang, China
Xinwen is a sabbatical visitor supported by the China Scholarship Council and is interested in genetic manipulation of helminths. His laboratory works mainly on nematode parasites of agricultural significance. He will spend 2016 working with us at the NHM.
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Edu staining of in vitro cultured Hymenolepis microstoma (A Baillie)
Dr Andrew Baillie
DIC Imperial College
Andrew holds a PhD from Imperial College where he worked on virus evolution. He is currently working with us on cell proliferation and in vitro culture of Hymenolepis.