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Welcome Klaus!

Klaus Brehm from the University of Würzburg, Germany, will join us in London the third week of October before presenting his Echinococcus research to the Helminth Genome Group at the Sanger Institute in Hinxton. There he will meet with Matt Berriman to discuss completion of the Echinococcus genome and my group will also use this as an opportunity to visit Hinxton and discuss the Hymenolepis genome with Matt and Klaus.


Evolution of complex parasitic flatworm life cycles from the view-point of developmental biology: the Echinococcus story

Prof Klaus Brehm, University of Würzburg, Germany

22nd October, 12:00
Neil Chalmers Seminar Room
Darwin Centre II

Klaus will present novel research on the model tapeworm Echinococcus (etiological agent of hydatid disease), concentrating on host-parasite cross-communication and on flatworm stem cells and their selection in the intermediate host. Klaus' group have developed the first axenic cultures of this parasite and using their in vitro system are quickly bringing transgenics and functional genomics to cestode research. In collaboration with the Sanger Centre, they will also soon produce the first completed tapeworm genome and transcriptome. Coming from a cell-biology background, Klaus's research brings a new perspective on the mechanisms underlying developmental evolution in parasitic flatworms.