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Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD United Kingdom

ISOMORPHOLOGY: An introduction to the art and science of Gemma Anderson


Gemma Anderson is unusually gifted artist who works at the interface of art, science and philosophy. In a recent blog post of the Journal of Zoology Gemma introduces her concept of 'isomorphology': an approach to discovering and understanding patterns and processes in the natural world through the process of drawing. Gemma has worked in association with a broad range of scientists, scientific fields, and scientific institutions and we have been privileged to host her in our lab where she has applied her unique skills to help us understand the complex ontogeny of tapeworms. Gemma is currently working on a funding application that will allow her to collaborate with a range of labs interested in developmental processes from the cell to the whole organism, and we look forward to continuing her association with our lab.

For more information please visit Gemma's